Florentia produces premium essential products for gelato professionals of all levels. Whether you're looking for a complete gelato base designed to increase production efficiency whilst still maintaining artisan quality or whether you prefer to construct your own formulation, Florentia provides a complete range of all of the  essential products and ingredients necessary.

With each member of the Florentia team having had extensive experience in all facets of the gelato manufacturing industry, we have a great appreciation and understanding of the needs of gelato makers of all skillsets. All of our products have been developed with the maker and the end-consumer in mind and our team is always available with any technical assistance.

For further information on how we can work with your business please see the following information briefly outlining our key Gelato product areas.

> Milk Stabilser Bases
> Fruit Stabiliser Bases
> Neutral Bases
> Flavour Pastes for Milk Bases
> Flavour Pastes for Fruit Bases
> Flavour Sets
> Production Essentials
> Marbelisers
> Packaging & Accessories

Stabiliser Bases

Florentia’s comprehensive range of gelato bases are made to the highest standard using natural Australian dairy. Produced with non hydrogenated vegetable fats, our products are trans-fat free - an important consideration for todays consumer.

Florentia’s Oro stabiliser base systems have the versatility for use in both hot (pasteurisation) and cold process making. Formulated as a truly complete base, additional improvers and emulifiers are not required - saving you a great deal of time in weighing and adding extra costly ingredients.

With a gelato base system to suit artisan makers across all levels and skillsets, Florentia’s range of products result in a gelato that is easier to scoop and one that will consistently maintain well in the scooping cabinet.

Flavour Pastes

Florentia’s semi-manufactured products are the ideal essential ingredients designed to meet the practical needs gelato artisans of all levels.

Our collection of flavour pastes use real Australian ingredients. Rather than creating wholly artificial syrups, Florentia create flavour infusions using natural distilled extracts - when creating our plump rich fruit flavour paste we only use whole fruits. These are the key products which gurantee your customers will be delighted with the real authentic flavours of your gelato.

Using only real, natural ingredients also means that our products are free of artificial colours, and trans fats - an increasingly important factor for todays consumers.

Florentia’s concentrated flavour pastes and gelato bases have been precisely formulated, so that when used inconjunction, a perfectly balanced gelato is guaranteed. This means that all of your flavours in the scooping cabinet will scoop and display consistently. No more melting lemon and rock hard chocolate!

Using Florentia pastes will also result in reduced preparation time, and will ensure that the highest levels of hygiene are maintained.

Packaging & Accessories

Florentia are able to provide a selection of specialised production accessories - such as Scrapers, Spatulas, Production Buckets and more.

When it comes time to serving and transporting your gelato it is imperative that the right type of packaging is used. All of our serving cups have been carefully selected to ensure optimum presentation of your gelato and ease of use by the consumer. Our range of thermo-foam take-home containers provide the ideal way for your costumers to continue experiencing your gelato at home!


> Base 100 Oro Latte
> Base 50 Oro Latte
> Base 100 Oro Frutta
> Base 50 Oro Frutta

> Neutro Latte 0.5%
> Neutro Frutta 0.5%