Gelato & ice cream

Florentia produces premium essential products for gelato professionals of all levels. Whether you're looking for a complete gelato base designed to increase production efficiency whilst still maintaining artisan quality or whether you prefer to construct your own formulation, Florentia provides a complete range of all of the  essential products and ingredients necessary.

With each member of the Florentia team having had extensive experience in all facets of the gelato manufacturing industry, we have a great appreciation and understanding of the needs of gelato makers of all skillsets. All of our products have been developed with the maker and the end-consumer in mind and our team is always available with any technical assistance.

> Milk Stabilser Bases
> Fruit Stabiliser Bases
> Neutral Bases
> Fruit & Milk Flavour Pastes
> Flavour Sets
> Toppings, Syrups & Variegates
> Production Essentials
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