Florentia's Gelato Ingredient System


Florentia’s ‘Gelato Ingredient System’ is a combination of easy-to-use pre-dosed balanced ingredients that enable you to produce fresh, low-fat, luscious, artisan quality gelato and sorbet.

The system comprises of two key ingredients. Our specially formulated base which is a unique blend of all of the essential ingredients and stabilisers that create the structure of the gelato, and secondly our complete range of flavouring pastes, these are added to flavour the liquid mix that is produced when the base bag is mixed with water. It's that simple!

Four years of research and development has been undertaken to ensure that the quality of traditional artisan recipes are maintained whilst simplifying the complex production process. Thereby making it an easy system that any staff member can use with little training. Creating the perfect opportunity for you to establish your very own Gelato Bar franchise!

No weighing or measuring ingredients required, no specialised staff required - ideal system to create your own Gelato Bar franchise.



Making gelato the traditional way can be a complex and time consuming process. Often many errors are made by individually weighing separate ingredients. Up to eleven separate ingredients can go into one portion of artisan quality gelato, such as; Flavour Paste, Stabilisers, Full Cream Milk, Skim Milk, Dextrose, Glucose, Sugar, Industrial Honey, Honey, Eggs and Fruit.

Mistakes in weighing any one of these ingredients will result in an inconsistent gelato texture and flavour variations. This inconsistency results in the most common of consumer complaints; such as “The gelato is too icy”, “The gelato is too sweet”, “The gelato has a grainy texture”, and “That lemon gelato looks like it is melting in the display while the chocolate looks hard as a rock!”

Florentia's Gelato Ingredient System has been specifically designed to eliminate these common problems, and complaints.

One of the unique features of the “Florentia Base” is that it is a ‘balanced base’.

What is a balanced base?
Put simply a balanced base is the structuring of all ingredients to ensure that a homogenous texture and sweetness is achieved. A balanced base also deals with structural and textural complaints - like icy sorbets, hard or melting gelato.

The gelato produced using our ingredient system delights and satisfies your customers with the consistent quality, texture and flavour of your artisan gelato. Providing a satisfying experience to your customers will ensure that you get more return business.


Due to the differences in fat and sugar levels between gelato, sorbet and even certain gelato flavours different structural levels are required to ensure a consistent texture and structure across every product and flavour. Florentia has developed 3 base systems which allows you to produce any flavour.

The beauty of the ‘Florentia Bases’ is that they are versatile, and provide you with the foundation upon which you can then personalise gelato for your customers. For example if you want to make Chocolate Fudge which is typically not a traditional gelato flavour, by utilising the ‘Florentia Chocolate Base’ and with our range of professional toppings called 'Marbelisers’ you’ve got it!

The ‘Florentia Fruit Base’ makes outstanding fruit sorbet. It’s also diary-free and very popular with health conscious customers, as it’s 100% fat-free. You can produce any flavour using fruits in season or even exotic fruit flavours, such as Durian or White Nectarine.

Florentia's Milk Base
Produces all the creamy flavours of gelato such as Hazelnut, Pannacotta, Pistachio and French Vanilla.

Florentia's Fruit Base
Produces ultra fresh and delicious fruit sorbet gelato, ideal for those who are watching their waistlines!

Florentia's Chocolate Base
Produces a deliciously dark chocolate gelato, also use this base to make flavours such as chocolate fudge, and triple chocolate chip.



Since water is the only ingredient that requires measuring,  Florentia's 'Gelato Ingredient System’ is a simple way for inexperienced people to enter into the profitable gelato market. There is no need for specialist training to make gelato. In just 4 hours you can be on your way to becoming a master gelato artisan.

The most important benefit of our system is that it saves you time. In today’s market, time is money. There is no need for specialist staff to operate the machinery. You needn’t be worried by staff turnover, the Florentia 'Gelato Ingredient System' comes with a 5 step gelato making manual so absolutely anyone can make gelato.

With no requirement of specialised training - in just 4 hours you can be on your way to becoming a master gelato artisan.

Florentia's 'Gelato Ingredient  System’ is efficient. Whilst a tub of artisan gelato is being pasteurised in the upper chamber of the machine, you’re freezing another in the lower chamber, so a continual flow of gelato can be made.

Keep your stock fresh, with an approximate time of 15mins from start to finish you can make your gelato on demand! Refresh your existing stock by re-processing the gelato through your machine, so you will not have any stock wastage.

Florentia's Gelato Ingredient  System’ is the ideal way for you to increase your business or start a new business with little effort and reap great rewards.