SOFT SERVE & Frozen Yoghurt

Florentia provides a variety of soft serve and frozen yoghurt solutions that are extremely easy to use and are easily and effectively customisable.

The versatility of Florentia’s yoghurt products provides our customers with a solid working platform to find a specialised formula that meets their specific concept and customer base.

Florentia’s yoghurt base products include:

  • CLASSIC style | Delicate, silky and velvety
  • GREEK style | Thick and creamy with an acidic tang
  • EUROPEAN style | Smoother and creamier style
  • FLORENTI-YO | For lactose-free yoghurt using goats or sheeps milk/yoghurt
  • SUGAR-FREE FRO-YO | Uses natural stevia to make 100% sugar-free yoghurt

In addition to a complete range of yoghurt bases, Florentia also provide a wide range of supplementary products aimed in providing a unique product experience for your customers. These include :

  • Probiotica® - A shelf-stable probiotic for yoghurt bases
  • Flavour pastes to flavour your yoghurt
  • Inclusions, such as hokey pokey balls, chocettes etc
  • Topping sauces

Florentia Yoghurt Bases

Classic Style

  • Complete yoghurt base
  • Low fat
  • Simply add water
  • Cold process
  • Sweet classic yoghurt flavor
  • Fortified with active cultures
  • Structure is well suited for soft serve applications

Greek Style

  • Complete yoghurt base
  • Simply add water
  • Low fat
  • Cold process
  • Tart greek style yoghurt flavour
  • Fortified with active cultures.
  • Structure is well suited for soft serve applications


  • Customisable yoghurt base with a mild yoghurt flavor
  • Texture and flavor can be enhanced by addng skim or full cream milk and/or yoghurt


  • Specifically designed for those consumers with sensitivities and tolerances to traditional Fro-yo
  • Florenti-yo gives you the ability to use lactose-free milk and yoghurt. Also suitable for use with non-bovine dairy. Eg sheep and goats milk and yoghurt)
  • A unique and innovative product for your customers

Sugar-free with Stevia

  • Complete yoghurt base with a natural yoghurt flavor
  • Contains no sugar and suitable for customers looking for a sugar free alternative
  • Enhanced with the natural sweetening power of Stevia

Dairy-free base mix specifically formulated for use in soft serve machines. Designed to create a similar texture, sweetness and mouth feel to that of sorbets made using a traditional batch freezer.