Florentia has been established as a quality manufacturer and supplier of flavouring products and technical ingredients to professionals in the Gelato, Frozen Yoghurt, Patisserie, Cafe and Bar industries.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality products and attentive, personalised customer service. Through our comprehensive range of products, technical support and product training, Florentia is able to provide a unique level of service to our valued customers.

Our extensive collection of products includes essential ingredients, such as flavour pastes, toppings, syrups, variegates, natural flavours, powder bases, couverture products, inclusions and other specialised ingredients.

Japanese Green Tea Flavour

Premium Japanese Green Tea powder flavour.
Can be used in cold process application making this product ideal for use in gelato, frozen yoghurt and soft serve.

Chocolate Soft Sorbet Base

Dairy-free base mix specifically formulated for use in soft serve machines. Designed to create a similar texture, sweetness and mouth feel to that of sorbets made using a traditional batch freezer.



Sugar-free Froyo Base

Complete yogurt base with a natural yogurt flavor. Contains no sugar and suitable for customers looking for a sugar free alternative. Enhanced with the natural sweetening power of Stevia.